Quality of life: how to cope with depression

Quality of life: how to cope with depression

New Year’s Eve is very deceiving. On the one hand, we are all waiting for a miracle, and with the other understand that some things will remain in the past, and it is not correct and did not return. This is where depression can “cover” us, the insidiousness of which lies in the fact that it will do it without warning, leaving us alone with fear and pain.

The head of the clinic for psychogenic disorders spoke about what depression is, how it appears, who is at risk and how to survive this difficult ailment .

… Time disappeared, light too. Inside it became dark, empty and scary. Desires, needs and meanings – everything has disappeared. Like paints , the world around us suddenly became equally gray. I wanted to die, nothing else. I still wanted to cry all the time. Just like that, for no reason. My depression lasted for several months, to have passed some years, and I have to still remember that period with horror, and every time I start to pray that he is no longer repeated.

“If earlier it was believed that depression is some kind of seasonal change, now many studies say that there is no such seasonality in large cities with a population of one million. That is, depression can happen to each of us at any time ” , – he told me the doctor Glebovskiy.

I listened and remembered how it happened to me. It was as if I was turned inside out, deprived of all desires and values, leaving me without support and protection. Support from friends, love of loved ones, interesting projects at work – nothing helped. Pain, hopeless melancholy, sadness and a feeling of hopelessness accompanied me everywhere and did not leave me for a minute . I had to seek the help of a specialist and start drinking antidepressants, otherwise I would not have gotten out – there was no strength to fight . Antidepressants became best friends for the next couple of years – helping to bring the joy hormone serotonin back to normal. Which, as it turned out, due to hormonal disruption suddenly stopped being produced in my body.

Types and causes of depression
Depression can be organic, not related to external factors. At some point , the amount of endorphin hormones (serotonin, melatonin, treptophan) decreases in the body, and the reasons for such depression are most often physiological: age-related and vascular changes or some kind of physical injury.

There are also endogenous depressions, which can be based on stress, a tense family environment , loss, divorce, quarrels, problems at work, and lack of adequate sleep and wakefulness. But it is the correct sleep pattern that provides us with the necessary amount of joy hormones – endorphins, which “protect” from this unpleasant disease.

“If we sleep little and badly, then increase the so-called” evil hormones “, destroyers – nurohlaminy, nuroadrenaliny, adrenaline – In every human being there is an emotional limit, in including the limit of the psyche. There is no onset of depression without cues. There are always some precursors. They can be different, ranging from a decrease in appetite or changes in taste, to a decrease in libido in women and potency in men . “

Depression symptoms
A person is so constructed that he rarely pays attention to signs, to what the harbingers of the disease are trying to “tell” him. It can last a month or a little more, and then the pain just breaks out, and with it what you have been holding back for so long and trying not to notice.

“A person in depression is immediately visible: tired skin, lifeless, empty eyes, reduced performance, talk that everything is bad, that he is tired, that he is failing , nothing is needed, it is not interesting. A person loses interest in life, it is as if a cell grows around him, beyond which he does not want to go , ”says the doctor.

If you do not provide timely assistance to a person suffering from depression, the funnel of pain can drag him to the very bottom. Psychologists call this state the “winter of the soul”, when positive feelings and emotions seem to freeze and you become deaf to the outside world. But this is not the end of life, it is just winter. She seems to be testing the strength of the desire to live.

How to help someone with depression
But without winter there is no spring, and every test is given to a person so that he becomes stronger and wiser, so that he feels the taste of life, appreciates it. But in moments of depression, it is extremely important that loved ones do not lose heart, so that they react, sympathize, provide help and support.

“With patients of the depressive and anxiety-depressive series, I first try to work with the help of psychotherapy. I try to find reserves in the person himself, in the family, in changing the circle of communication and redirecting thoughts, to give him something new. Ignite an inner fire in the patient that will help him live and move on. Because without this fire it is impossible for you, me, or anyone. “

If a person close to you does not want to see a specialist, but at the same time you see symptoms of depression, try to help him with the help of simple ways. Be in the fresh air, take them for a ride on horses or to the dolphinarium, fly on a trip, drink wine, go to the cinema. Try to make him eat a lot of sweets – this promotes the production of endorphins. But if all this did not help , you must certainly contact a psychotherapist.

7 “good mood foods”
Black coffee
Red fish
The human psyche has an amazing property – it can self-repair as long as the body lives and breathes. With the right approach and treatment for depression, you can quickly learn to live and breathe again . At first confused, then more and more confident. Then the understanding will come that the “winter of the soul” was needed in order to bring back spring and summer to life , learn to listen to your heart, love simple things, smile at the sun and every new day, enjoy food and socializing with loved ones. To enjoy the little things for which there was simply not enough time before . To love life in all its manifestations.

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