Treating depression without antidepressants

Treating depression without antidepressants

Quite often, situations arise in people’s lives that are unsettling, when everything does not go according to plan, does not go well. A person develops a disorder, he is sad, saddened, believes that he has depression. However, in most cases, this is not at all the case. Only a doctor can diagnose a depressive disorder.

What is depression, what are its causes, symptoms and treatment?

We will try to figure it out in our article.

What is depression?

Don’t think it’s just a bad mood or apathy. If you are depressed and discouraged, this does not mean that you are depressed. In fact, this is a disease characterized by serious changes in the biochemical processes of the human brain. Symptoms of the disease may persist for more than two weeks, while the usual upset or sadness disappears much earlier. In the absence of timely treatment of severe depression, the condition drags on for years and flows into an intractable chronic form. It often happens that a person does not even know that he is sick. It is important to understand that the treatment of neuroses and depression is necessary, this should be dealt with by a specialist with extensive experience in this area.

What is clinical depression , and why does it require mandatory treatment? The disease develops due to a violation of the production of certain neurotransmitters in the brain, which are responsible for receiving positive emotions. The disease makes a person apathetic, he rarely has a good mood, more often he has a pessimistic attitude.
Causes and symptoms

The reasons for the development of this disease can serve as regular stress, trauma, various unpleasant situations and events, problems in relationships with loved ones, the opposite sex, psychological abuse in childhood or adulthood. However, such a deviation in the psychoemotional state is not only a consequence of trauma, it is also various changes at the physical level. In particular, patients have a lack of vitamin D, iron and some other trace elements and biologically active substances.

In addition, the development of the disease is largely influenced by hormonal disorders and diseases of the endocrine system. Quite rarely, the disorder occurs as a side effect of drug use, but this is usually prescribed in the instructions. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with a lack of sun, in the fall and spring, many people develop an exacerbation of mental disorders.

Will the depression go away, or is it permanent?

If the disease lasts a long time, many people begin to fear that they will never be able to get rid of it. Is it so? If the disease is mild, you can cope with it yourself. Sooner or later, a person will survive the traumatic situation, overestimate it, change the attitude towards the event and recover. In some cases, the use of medications leads to a bad mood, but after they are canceled, the condition returns to normal. Any psychiatrist, psychologist, or psychotherapist will tell you that depression treatment is needed. This will allow a person to get rid of obsessive thoughts and find more positive thinking, which will increase the quality of life, and possibly its duration.

Without treatment for depression in women and men, the disease will progress, aggravating the psycho-emotional state and becoming the cause of the development of mental disorders, especially in older people. But even for young people, the disease does not pass without a trace. You should not fight it alone, share your problems with family and friends, look at them from the outside, listen to advice, consult a doctor for treatment of panic attacks, moderate and severe depression.

Disorder types

With correctly selected methods, drugs and a therapy plan, the disease can be stopped and cured, regardless of the stage and duration of development. If the violation is caused by the absence or deficiency in the body of certain vitamins and substances, the human condition will normalize as soon as the balance is restored. When treating endogenous or psychogenic depression, special complex therapy is required. In the first case, the disease is caused by a malfunction in the work of the psyche, in the second – by traumatic events.

For example, an elderly woman can take the death of a spouse to heart, the loss of a person with whom she lived hand in hand is very traumatic, which can cause the development of not only neuroses, but also dementia. In this case, doctors advise to treat depression in women in the clinic.

Postpartum depression treatment is no less dangerous, which is very important for a young mother. During pregnancy and after childbirth, a huge number of changes occur in a woman’s body. Not everyone immediately gets used to the new role, someone is afraid of the overwhelmed responsibility, someone is not sure of the support of a spouse. As a result – a mental disorder, panic attacks, unreasonable fears, breakdowns.

Today, specialists treat bipolar depression quite often. This disease is getting younger every year, but you should not confuse it with a number of other deviations. Bipolar disorder is often confused with emotional outburst. If you feel the symptoms of this disease, call the clinic, today it is possible both to treat depression in a hospital in Moscow and to undergo outpatient therapy.

Treatment of anxiety-depressive disorder without antidepressants

Many people do not want to see a doctor because they think that only medication for depression with antidepressants is possible. They have heard about the side effects and the high risk of drug dependence, as well as various myths about the dangers of these drugs. The dangers of antidepressants are greatly overestimated. Do not think that in modern medicine there are only drugs and pills for the treatment of depression. Fearing the often far-fetched consequences, people turn to homeopathy for help, which, naturally, will not give any result other than a placebo.

Today there are completely different and varied methods of treating depression, in many cases it is possible to do without medication. As a rule, pills are not even the basis of treatment, but supportive therapy during psychotherapy. If you consult a doctor in a timely manner and start effective treatment for depression in Moscow, you can do without medication.

What are the pill-free treatments for anxiety-depressive disorder?

It is possible to treat depression with sleep, hypnosis, physical exercises and exercises, with the help of psychotherapeutic sessions with a specialist, relaxing practices, breathing exercises, relaxation, adherence to a certain daily regimen. If a person cannot follow the recommendations, he has no strength, he cannot cope, you should immediately consult a doctor. Most likely, if the above methods are ineffective in this case, pharmacological therapy is necessary.
Why are antidepressants dangerous for the human body?

Are antidepressants dangerous to health? People are afraid of these drugs as well as antibiotics. There are many myths surrounding these drugs. How Dangerous Are Antidepressants Really? First of all, it is worthwhile to understand that no doctor will prescribe you a potent drug without indications for this.

Modern medicines act on the human body rather mildly, bringing great benefits to patients and bringing them closer to recovery much faster. The drugs affect the production of necessary neurotransmitters and make up for the lack of serotonin and endorphins. As a result, after a couple of weeks, the patient begins to feel much better than before the start of therapy.

However, the positive effect of the tablets does not appear immediately, within a few weeks the human body adapts, which causes some side effects. Often because of them, patients stop taking drugs, as they feel that their condition is only getting worse. However, you should be prepared for the fact that these are not magic pills that will help you get rid of a serious illness overnight. Most medicines have a cumulative effect.

A competent specialist knows in what dosages one or another drug should be taken. Most often, the dose is increased in stages, as the body gets used to it, which is why at the beginning of the intake the expected effect will be absent. It is important for patients to stay in touch with their doctor in order to inform him of any changes. If your health condition worsens, tell your doctor. If the recommendations are followed, the drugs will only bring benefits and a significant improvement in well-being.
Antidepressant addiction – myth or truth?

It is impossible to say unequivocally that drugs for depression are evil. But the fact that they are absolutely harmless, too. Medicine does not stand still, like pharmacology. Medicines are constantly being improved and improved. Today, those drugs that caused drug addiction and posed a real threat to health due to side effects are long in the past. The latest generation of drugs are much safer than their predecessors.

In some cases, patients have to take medication for years, not because they become addicted, but because the treatment plan and indications require it. However, most often, when contacting specialists at an early stage of the disease, the use of drugs is not required, or a short course of administration is required. Gradually, the dosage is reduced to nothing, which prevents the development of drug dependence. A person gradually gets used to living without drugs.

However, the truth is that while most of these pills are banned over the counter, some people bypass the law and buy them illegally. Why is this done? The fact is that some drugs with an overdose and prolonged use can still be addictive. Among the most common pharmaceutical drugs are Lyrica and Fluoxetine (Prozac). When used for other purposes, for recreational purposes, drugs can cause addiction, which can only be eliminated with the help of a narcologist.

Do not self-medicate, increase the duration of use and dose, this can lead to undesirable consequences and side effects. If you feel like you cannot stop taking the drug, call your doctor. He will be able to help you get rid of the addiction.
Is it possible to get rid of depression once and for all?

Is there a real cure for anxiety-depressive disorder? It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally in the affirmative. The disease can progress in different ways, have many concomitant diseases of varying severity. Each individual case should be considered individually. Most depressive disorder can be treated, but the risk that the illness will return or remain forever cannot be ruled out. It is very important to track any changes and, if necessary and if the condition worsens, immediately contact a psychotherapist.

To avoid relapse will help the implementation of the doctor’s recommendations and the implementation of preventive measures. It is necessary to make it a habit to go in for sports, physical education, or at least gymnastics in the morning. Remember that no one will take care of you except you. Forget about smoking and alcohol, bad habits only provoke the development of depression. It is also important to observe a sleep regimen, sleep less than eight hours leads to negative processes in the central nervous system, has an undesirable effect on the psyche. Avoid stress whenever possible.

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