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What type of drugs do we sell - Generic or Branded ones?

Our store offers both branded and generic drugs. Consider the fact that the production of generics is significantly lower in price. Consequently, the final cost of a generic drug will be much lower compared to a branded drug.

What medicines do we sell?

You can see the complete list of marketed drugs in the section titled Products. Please note that some components of medicines may be under the control of the authorities in the country in which you plan to receive the order. In this case, we will be forced to refuse to sell you due to the impossibility of selling them via the Internet. The list of these drugs consists of: clonazepam, ativan, valium, klonopin, lorazepam and others.

What is Generic?

Generics have an absolutely identical composition, but under a different trademark. The difference lies in the place of production, marketing costs and the final cost of the drug.

Generic drugs look different in comparison to branded drungs - Why it happens?

The active ingredient that is part of the drug is most often applied by embossing on the tablet. As mentioned earlier, the composition of the generic drug completely coincides with the composition of the original drug. Due to possible copyright infringement, generic manufacturers cannot use the same names as brand name drugs, but always print the active ingredient on the packaging.

How does the package looks like?

Medicines are supplied in 10 tablets in each blister. Orders less than 60 tablets are shipped in one piece. If the order contains more than 60 tablets, then it will be divided into several packages.

What happens when I submit my order?

All orders must go through licensed doctors. The right to approve or reject the order remains with the specialist.

If approved, a prescription will be issued, which will then be sent to the pharmacy for further filling and dispatch.

What payment methods are available in our store?

Our store works exclusively with electronic payments. You can pay for your order by credit card; we accept Visa, MasterCard, AmEx and E-checks. After receiving your payment, we will form and send the order as soon as possible.

Is it worth worrying about privacy and security?

We fully guarantee your privacy and security. The use of advanced encryption technologies will allow you to safely pay in our online store.

Can I cancel my order and get a refund?

You can cancel your order before it has been shipped. In cases where the order has already been shipped, no cancellation or immediate refund is possible.

How do you ship orders?

We ship orders worldwide. Trackable Courier Service and International Registered Airmail are available. Average waiting time for delivery by air mail is no more than 2-3 weeks from the date of dispatch. Delivery time by courier service EMS is 5-7 working days.

What if my order is delayed by customs?

If you encounter difficulties in receiving your order, please let us know and we will try to solve the problem.

What to do if the package arrives damaged or is missing at all?

In this case, you need to contact our support team and report the problem. In some cases, we will resend or refund orders. Check out the shipping policy section.

Why can't I pay for my order?

Check that the entered billing information is correct. You may need to remove additional restrictions through the bank's technical support. Often the reason for the refusal may be insufficient funds to pay for the order.

How can I track my order?

Track number is issued within a few days after the order is sent.

I didn’t receive my order on time, what should I do?

If the delivery of your order did not meet the terms indicated above, please contact us to solve the problem. We work for quality and service and are always looking for possible solutions.

I have received a partial order, what should I do?

As mentioned earlier, if you purchase more than 60 tablets, the order will be split into 2 or more parts. In this case, you should wait for the rest of the order.

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